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New to Weed Vapes? Here’s 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

CBD oils or marijuana concentrates being used in vape pens is a fast-growing trend. They are the safer, more flavorful, and discreet alternative to smoking cannabis. Vaping ensures that you don’t consume too much of THC, so you don’t get that unwanted “Too High” feeling. It is even backed by a large number of scientific studies and research according to the Cannabis Therapeutics Journal.

However, quite a number of beginners find it challenging to adapt to vaping, especially the ones who are just transitioning from smoking. If you are just starting out on the vape life, here are some tips that could be useful for the best experience.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

1) Invest In a Good Vaporizer

One of the biggest mistakes most vaping beginners make is that they go for the cheapest vaping kit to save a couple of dollars. Well, everyone likes sparing some cash when making a purchase, so being frugal is good. However, your first vaporizer as a beginner will have a lot of impact on your vaping experience.

In most cases, cheap vaping kits won’t give you the best experience. Some are either too bulky, while others lack convenience features such as auto shut, USB charge, and smart temperature control settings. Others are just too complicated to use and are not attractive at all.

When shopping for your first vaporizer, be sure to read the best vaporizer reviews and compare devices before choosing a good one based on price. A good vaporizer is a priceless investment, especially if it’s your first few days of vaping. This can’t be emphasized enough, be sure to invest in a good kit for a start and you won’t regret getting into vaping.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

2) The Available Types of Vaporizers

Of course, you don’t have to break the bank over getting the best vaporizer on the market. You will come across all sorts of names such as volcano style, gas-powered, artistic and many more. However, the two main types of herb vaporizers are stationary and portable vaporizers.

Vape pens and vape MODS are a good example of a portable vaporizer, whereas stationary ones include table-top units. Notice the word ‘mods ‘is in capital letters above? I’ll tell you why in the last paragraph of this vape tips for beginners guide.

So back to the main agenda, the best vaporizer for you will be based on how often you need a high. Are you an on-the-go kind of person or do you do your herb at the end of the day when relaxing in the office? Nonetheless, portable vaporizers, especially the pen vape models are almost gaining a household name.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

3) Choosing a Vaping Device

Having read this article to this point, you most likely have an idea of what to look for from the market already when it comes to buying a vaporizer. Vaping devices have revolutionized a great deal over the past several years. Modern-day vaporizers can even be controlled from a mobile app. Most of the portable models today come with a LED display that shows you how hot your dry herb or CBD oil is getting heated.

Since most vaping devices are battery-powered, battery life is also an important factor to consider when choosing a vaping device. You will also want to pick something that looks stylish, is easily portable and isn’t complicated to use. The design also matters a great deal. If you’re the suit-and-tie kind of person and you’re regularly dressed in official attire, a vaporizer that looks just like your favorite expensive pen can do the trick.

Think about how much dry herb your vaporizer can hold (capacity). Also, consider the range of temperature adjustment the device offers you. And another highly important factor, the heating method. A conduction vaporizer heats your herb or concentrates directly, whereas a convection vaporizer circulates heated air around your herb to heat it up and produce the Vapor! Additionally, some devices work better with cannabis oils, others work better with dry herb and cannabis dabs. Some are universal.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

4) Know About Herb E-Liquids and Juices

Even though these are seen more in e-cigs, cannabis e-juices and e-liquids are also available in a wide variety of flavors. However, it is important to do your homework well before buying weed or CBD e-liquids, especially online. With the right equipment, you can even make your own cannabis e-juice.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

5) Learn To Manage Your Battery Life

In your accessories, the batteries form the most important piece of your puzzle to vaping. Most starter device batteries give you a color code appended to the button that instructs you about the life of the battery. From this information, you should know what duration the battery can serve you optimally before it starts to die out. The rule of the thumb is to never allow the battery to run completely dead out of charge. Be sure to connect the charger before this happens.

After the battery charges to its maximum level, it is advisable to disconnect the charger a soon as you can. Leaving it to continue charging when full can damage your device’s battery. Some batteries should also not be overtasked. When your battery gets too hot, for instance, it may be an indication you are doing something wrong that could damage the battery severely if not checked on time.

6) Don’t Let Your Supplies Run Out

As a commandment of vaping, it is necessary that you consider having all the supplies required in stock. Just never allow them to get depleted. Don’t wait till you run out of oils or concentrates to acquire more. It can be inconvenient and sometimes frustrating when you don’t get the satisfaction you need when you need it.

New to Weed Vapes? Here's 7 Vape Tips for Beginners

7) Enjoy It Whenever You Can

There’s another reason why vaping is beautiful. As long as the substance is legal in your area, you can vape it anywhere you like, in most places. So long as you have a good vaporizer, you have a reliable source for your oils, concentrates, and dabs; and you know how to vape, vaping is more exciting when enjoyed whenever one can, especially with friends.

And when you become an advanced vaper, or you’re already one, you will want to know what the market has in store for you. Well, remember the word MODS somewhere in the first few paragraphs? You will need something portable, stylish, and perhaps affordable for a vaporizer. If such is your case, a professional Review and Comparison of Box Mods could be all you need to make you’re your vaping experience easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Vaping is a great way to get the right dosage of your medicine, all while keeping it sleek, cool and discreet. Keep this info in mind when you’re buying your weed vape to get the best experience possible.