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Relaxing Pastimes to Complement Cannabis Use

For many people, cannabis and CBD products are essential to unwinding – and for good reason! The stress-relieving properties found in these products can help even the most stressed individuals relax their minds and place things in perspective. However, while cannabis and CBD can be a boon to managing one’s stress levels, they needn’t be the only items in your stress relief toolbox. To enjoy the full benefits of cannabis and CBD use, you’ll need to complement them with other peaceful pastimes. Anyone on the hunt for such pastimes would do well to consider the following suggestions.

Find the Right Strains

When using weed for the purpose of stress relief, it’s important to find the right strains. Although certain strains are highly effective at reducing stress, others are not. So, if you’re relatively new to marijuana, it pays to do your homework before committing to a new strain. Washington state residents on the hunt for cannabis information should get in touch with a highly-rated Spokane dispensary.

Creative Outlets

Everyone has creativity in them. Whether it’s a lot or a little, all of us have some sort of creative outlet in which we excel. Writing, drawing, painting, and making music are just a handful of common creative outlets that appeal to our inner artists. Unfortunately, as people grow older, they often have less and less time to devote to these pursuits. After all, once you’ve settled into a career, put down roots, and started a family, your creative passions are likely to become less of a priority.

In addition to being fantastic outlets for your emotions, creative hobbies can help you feel fulfilled and foster a sense of inner calm. For example, if you spend your days in an office plugging away at an unfulfilling job, a creative release can prove equal parts fun and cathartic and make the daily grind seem a little less monotonous. So, if you’ve been itching to rediscover an old creative outlet – or try your hand at a new one – there’s no time like the present to get the ball rolling.


Even though many of us would make claims to the contrary, writing is something that’s well within the abilities of any literate individual. While it’s true that some people have more of a knack for it than others, writing is a creative outlet that virtually anyone can take part in. For instance, journaling can provide you with a great outlet for a wide assortment of thoughts and emotions. Additionally, creative writing – be it poems, short stories, or even novels – enables you to give life to any unique ideas that have been kicking around your brain.

As an added bonus, writing is among the most easily shareable types of creative output. Not only are there an abundance of websites for budding writers to share their work, but you can also easily self-publish any works that you wish to share with the world.


Anyone who claims not to enjoy reading simply hasn’t found the right books yet. In addition to enabling you to explore exciting new worlds, reading can also prove highly conducive to stress relief by lowering your heart rate and easing muscle tension. Furthermore, reading is a hobby that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere. From the office to the kitchen to the bedroom, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place where you can’t comfortably read.

Meditation and Deep Breathing Exercises

Engaging in meditation and/or deep breathing exercises can help you clear your head, place things in the proper perspective and maintain a consistently relaxed mindset. If you’re new to either of these pastimes, you can find a wealth of information online and in an extensive assortment of books. Furthermore, given the enormous number of readily available meditation apps, you should have no problem finding one suited to your needs and skill level.

It’s not difficult to see why so many of us are experiencing mounting stress levels. Busy work schedules, complex personal relationships, and an ongoing global pandemic are just a few of the stressors people contend with on a daily basis. As such, it’s only natural that we actively seek out proven methods of relieving stress. This is where cannabis and CBD products can come in handy. However, as effective as they can be, they shouldn’t be the only tools you employ against chronic stress. As you’ll discover, cannabis can prove particularly beneficial when paired with the pastimes discussed above.