With Cannabis being in the black and grey markets devoid of regulation for so long, it was very easy for farmers to lose sight forgetting that Cannabis exists not just for our enjoyment but also to heal. Now that regulation is in full swing, Cultivators are scrambling to become compliant with many realizing that years of dirty farming has left their land all but completely unusable. This spells bad news for some, but it’s not all completely unpleasant. With the increasing demand for “Clean Meds”, as the public becomes more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies, we are seeing a huge upsurge of new Cultivators like SC Farms dedicating their entire operation to Sun-grown Organic Practices.

“Growing Organic Cannabis is easy, fun and most of all NOT NEW.” – SC Farms

Joey and Alex (Video) pretty much run this farm themselves, which is pretty amazing considering this year happens to be their first run at an operation of this scale.

Like most farms in Northern California, SC Farms is tucked away deep in the forest far from public view. Visiting this farm, in particular, was a lot more pleasant than your typical grow. Not only do you get the cool Santa Cruz ocean air rolling through; this farm had various goats, chickens, horses and such which is refreshing from our usual urban operation visits. One thing we like to look for is cleanliness. And even for the number of animals, a Med-Large grow, and a small crew, we were very pleased with how to put together and organized everything was.

One of my favorite things about this farm is the number of strains they decided to do this season. They’ve got everything from Tangie to Cherry to Gelato with something like 12 other delicious smelling strains.

As a huge advocate of organic foods, you bet that I feel the same way if not stronger about Cannabis. Organic farming is so important to the future of not just the industry, but our planet. In the end, it’s likely that you will have a much cleaner smoke with less of the health benefits being undermined by the process and eventual combustion. Don’t take shortcuts, instead take pride in your work, take pride in the fact that you didn’t have to “cheat” to get there. Only with both will you feel better about it, and so will mother earth.